Our Mandate

Under the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji, the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission has the following responsibilities:


  • Protect and promote human rights in both public and private institutions and develop a culture of human rights in Fiji;
  • Educate the public about their rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji as well as internationally recognised human rights principles and values;
  • Monitor, investigate and report on compliance with human rights standards in all aspects of our lives;
  • Make recommendations to Government about human rights and freedoms including existing and proposed laws;
  • Receive and investigate complaints about alleged human rights violations and take steps to address these violations including making applications to court for redress as well as other forms of relief or remedies provided for under the Human Rights Commission Decree 2009;
  • Investigate or research any matter with respect to human rights on its own initiative or on the basis of a complaint and make recommendations  to ensure compliance with human rights standards to improve the functioning of public and private entities; and
  • Monitor compliance by the State to fulfill its obligations with respect to international human rights treaties and conventions.


Complaints Form

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•Sign the form with the date
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Postal Address
Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission
Private Mailbag

Hand delivered to our office
Human Rights and Anti Discrimination Commission
Ground floor, Naibati House
9 Goodenough street

Email to: complaints@fhradc.org.fj

Fax: 330 8661

Directly upload to link below:
Neither Greater Nor Lesser but EQUAL: Dignity, Equality and Freedom for all in Fiji
To take a lead role in the promotion, protection and fulfillment of human rights for all in Fiji.
To build, strengthen and sustain a human rights culture in Fiji.
Human Rights
Every person will be treated with dignity, respect and equality. We will apply a gender analysis to all our work.
In the performance of its functions or the exercise of its authority and powers, the Commission shall be independent and shall not be subject to the direction or control of any person or authority, except by a court of law or as otherwise prescribed by written law.
Rule of Law
Promote access to justice and equal application of the law
Our Work
We will be professional, transparent, accountable, ethical, responsive and effective in all dealings on behalf of the Commission